Pond Construction

A pond can be anything from a relaxing corner of your garden to a large and complex focal point, and can be as simple as a water and plant only feature or a home to extremely valuable fish. Whatever your reason for wanting a pond, there is simply no substitute for having a professionally designed and constructed pond and we are happy to offer our pond construction services at a very reasonable price.

Building on an extensive experience of all scales of pond design projects, Complete Aquatics will carry out all stages of your pond construction. We will start by having an initial consultation with you where we will determine the crucial factors such as the space available, your budgets and, of course, the overall purpose of the pond.

Following on from this we will draw up some initial designs and specifications which take into account your choice of materials. Naturally, we are happy to advise on a choice of materials to take in both the practicality of constructing the pond in your chosen materials and also the suitability of those materials for your chosen pond usage.

Given our experience we are also very accustomed to suggesting materials which will blend in with the environment where the pond will be located. Of course, if you want a pond which makes a bold statement, we can certainly advise on ways to achieve that as well!

So, whether this is just a small, lined pond or a larger raised pond built out of brickwork or reclaimed sleepers, no pond construction project is too big or too small for us. We work closely with a team of trusted professional builders who have over 30 years’ experience. With their skills and our knowledge combined we can help to create your perfect pond and make the pond construction process a pleasure.

Of course, we will provide you with the correct filtration systems and advice on how to keep your pond clean and healthy but we will be happy to return to help you with cleaning as and when needed.