Pond Cleaning

Whether it is a small garden pond or a large, deep koi pond, professional pond cleaning will transform your pond and improve the health of the whole aquatic ecosystem. We have a extensive experience of a wide range of projects and no job is too big or small for us.

While the pond cleaning process will vary depending on the size and complexity of your pond, the process will always involve us setting up a temporary pool onsite and moving your fish (along with some of the existing water) to their temporary home whilst the main pond cleaning work is completed.

From there we fully drain the pond and remove all the sludge and sediment where harmful bacteria and parasites inhabit. This is an important part of the overall cleaning process and we ensure that this is done properly before moving on to the next step. We then move on to jet-washing the pond liner/foundations and scanning to search for any small tears that will be repaired if found.

Your pond’s plant life isn’t forgotten either. Any pond plants are removed, repotted and trimmed back to ensure they will continue to grow healthily year-on-year and do not become pot bound.

The final stage in the pond cleaning process is an assessment of your pond filtration unit. Where necessary, this filtration unit will be fully cleaned and tested.

Once the deep pond cleaning is completed, a percentage of the existing pond water is returned to the pond along with your fish. We return a percentage of the original water to your pond as it is essential that some of the existing water is returned as this is what your fish are used to and this will prevent them from becoming stressed. It also contributes to keeping the ponds eco system balanced. Finally, the remaining volume is topped up with clean, dechlorinated tap water.

To see just how dramatic the effects of deep pond cleaning can be, see the images below which show the same pond immediately before and after our cleaning.